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How to Clean a Steep Roof

While steep roofs look beautiful, they can be a challenge to clean. Luckily though, there are a few easy and low-maintenance options for homeowners. Here’s what you need to know about how to clean a steep roof. Why is...

15th June, 2022

Planning a Roof Renovation in 5 Easy Steps

A roof renovation can have many benefits, from boosting your home’s curb appeal to reducing your energy costs. However, planning a roof renovation can be overwhelming. Luckily though, the process is easier than you mig...

30th May, 2022

How to Tell If You’re Missing Shingles on Your Roof

Missing shingles can cause big problems for any homeowner. However, it can be hard to tell if you’re missing roof shingles in the first place. By learning the red flags for missing shingles, you will be able to catch t...

15th May, 2022

Should I Choose Corrugated Roofing?

Corrugated roofing is a popular option for commercial and residential properties alike. But is it the right choice for your property? It depends on a few different factors. Read on to learn more about this roofing style ...

30th April, 2022

Upgrade Your Home With a Roof Extension

Are you looking for a home extension that truly makes a difference to your space? A roof extension might be the best option. This home addition will transform the inside of your house while also adding a beautiful featur...

15th April, 2022

When Does Roof Decking Need to be Replaced?

Roof decking is one of the most important parts of your overall roofing system. This strong base adds essential support to your roof and protects your home from damage. However, if your roof decking is old or worn down, ...

30th March, 2022

Roofing 101: What New Homeowners Need to Know

Congratulations on your new home! While you’re settling in, it’s important to learn a little bit about your new place. And while certain home features are easy to understand, others can be more intimidating. For inst...

28th February, 2022

Why Are My New Roof Shingles Not Laying Flat?

New roof shingles not laying flat? Don’t panic. While bumpy shingles might look like a big problem, they are actually a common occurrence. But what causes this problem, and how can you solve it? Read on to learn what...

15th February, 2022

What to Do in a Roofing Emergency

No homeowner wants to deal with a roofing emergency. But the fact of the matter is- emergencies do happen. Knowing what to do in these situations will help you stay calm in the moment so you can protect your home and pre...

15th January, 2022

Decorating This Season? Here are Our Top Holiday Roofing Tips

Season’s greetings! The winter season is always a fun time for homeowners. Whether you’re setting up Christmas lights, preparing for holiday parties, or entertaining this New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of great t...

15th December, 2021