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Why are roofs important?

The roof of a house is the first line of defense against weather conditions, from hailstorms to heat waves. Hence, it is important to have it installed by an experienced roofing contractor. A capable roofing contractor will make sure that your work is not done in haste, rather is done with delicacy and focus.

Your home’s value can deteriorate by a long shot if you allow an incapable roofing contractor install and or repair your roof. Due to this, Telge Roofing is the go to roofing company when it comes to hiring roofing contractors in Cypress, TX.

Why should you choose Telge Roofing?

From residential roofing contractors in Cypress, TX to commercial roofing contractors in Cypress, TX Telge Roofing are the ideal roofing contractors for you.

Both the residential commercial roofing contractors in Cypress, TX are equipped to assess the damages and the cost of repair or replacement. Telge Roofing Contractors are family owned which makes them easy to deal with and get in contact with. This is done in the free of cost no obligation inspection of your structure, which gives us the edge against our competitors.

Not only do we work with your insurance company to make sure all damages are considered, but we also work as your roofing contractor to ensure quality.

Variety of roofs available

At Telge Roofing, we understand the importance of having the roof that you find best-looking, cover your home. This is why we offer a wide variety of roofs to choose from, in case you are looking for a replacement. Telge Roofing provides many different roofs from the composition shingle roofs for homes to flat metal roofs for commercial buildings.

We are the ideal residential roofing contractors for your home and commercial roofing contractors in Cypress, TX for your commercial building. This allows us to cater to all customers, making us the ideal choice when it comes to hiring your next roofing contractor.

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