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What are the prominent signs of roof damage?

When it comes to identifying whether or not your roof is being damaged, you need to be vigilant when taking a look at it. If your residential roofing contractor in Katy, TX improperly installed your roof some of these signs may emerge sooner than later. If your roof shingles are cracked, curled or absent these are indications that the shingles are wearing out.

Other indications include the shingles being dark or dirty and you finding shingle granules in gutters. For commercial buildings, the metal roofing, for example, can start rusting if it is improperly installed by your commercial roofing contractor in Katy, TX.

Why Telge Roofing is best equipped to repair or replace roofs?

Telge Roofing has years of experience in the roofing business. This has allowed us to become one of the best roofing contractors in Katy, TX. We as roofing contractors are highly qualified in doing what we do.

From residential roofing contractors to commercial roofing contractors in Katy, TX we make sure to cater to all our customers. Simultaneously we as your roofing contractors in Katy, TX make sure that you as our customer are satisfied.

By offering no-obligation FREE inspection, we ensure your comfort in acquiring our services.

Equipped to work with all kinds of roofs

To make sure that no customer is left out of the sphere of our services, Telge Roofing makes sure it caters to all roofs that may require repair or replacement. We areroofing contractors in Katy, TX that are well equipped to repairing all roofs whether it be for commercial buildings or houses.

From roofs with shingles to flat roofs of office buildings, Telge roofing contractors can repair and replace them all. This is why you should not compromise when hiring a roofing contractor and acquire our high-quality services.

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