Commercial Roofing: What Business Owners Should Know

Which type of roof will suit your business best? It’s okay if you don’t know. In fact, most business owners don’t even think about their roofing needs until long after construction has begun on their project. However, thinking about your roofing options beforehand will save you stress down the road. Below are some common commercial roofing needs that business owners should be aware of.

Common Types of Commercial Roofing

There are lots of different commercial roofing options. The best choice for your business will depend on a variety of factors, such as your budget and the type of building. Most commercial roofs are made out of tile, metal, or composition shingles. Generally speaking, composition tiles are the least expensive option and are also the quickest to install. They can also be installed over an existing deck. However, they are prone to damage in extreme weather, which can be concerning for some Houston-area business owners.

While tile and metal roofs are more expensive, they are also stronger. But again, needs will vary from business to business. Click here to learn more about these roofing types.

Roof Repairs and Cleaning

Repairs and cleaning services provide simple roof maintenance, saving you money on expensive repairs in the future. A clean, well-maintained roof also helps to boost curb appeal and attract new business. We can provide a one-time service or provide regular cleaning for your convenience.

Commercial Roof Inspection

There are many reasons for a commercial roof inspection. These roof checks are performed by an experienced contractor to ensure that your roof is up to local and state building codes. Inspections are important if you are buying or selling a property or if you are building on to your existing property. They are also important if you have any legal or insurance issues with your building. Regardless of the reason, we perform expert commercial roof inspections all across the Houston area.

Talk to a Roofing Pro

Every business owner will have different roofing needs. At Telge Roofing, we make it easy to discover the best services for your property. We offer free, no-obligation estimates so you will always know exactly what you are getting. To learn more, call us today.