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Our roofing professionals at Telge Roofing will assist you in making the right choice for your commercial roof

Commercial Roofing

Our roofing professionals at Telge Roofing

Commercial roofing includes roofs for industrial companies, restaurants, subdivision clubhouses, institutional organizations such as public and private schools and many more.  These roofs begin with selection of the best roofing system for your commercial business. We also take into consideration traffic, code requirements, location and budget when the selection is being made. A great roof in one situation can be totally unsatisfactory in another. Our roofing professionals at Telge Roofing will assist you in making the right choice for your commercial roof in Cypress, TX or the surrounding areas. We offer a wide selection of roofing systems ranging from flat slope to fiberglass to modern composite roofs. All of our roofing systems are installed by certified Master Elite GAF Roofers.

Different Types of Commercial Roofs

Choosing the Right Commercial Roof

When selecting a roof for your commercial business located in Cypress, TX or the surrounding areas a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. Is this new construction? Are you replacing an existing roof? If so what type of roof is currently on? Can you upgrade to a more efficient roof or can you afford to upgrade? Can the existing deck be covered; is there a roofing system that will extend the life of the existing roof? How will the new roof affect the aesthetics of the building, what type of decking is on the existing building or what type of decking do you want to utilize? Let the experts at Telge Roofing help you with all of your questions giving you multiple options to choose from. Has your current roof been damaged in a storm? Let our experts help you with any and all insurance claims.

Always do research before making a roofing decision. One way to begin is to first find out about the existing roof, what type of roofing system and how long was the life of the existing roof? You may be able to find this out by having your roof inspected by our professional roofers at Telge Roofing. We will write a detailed roof report with plenty of pictures showing any deficiencies and failures, provide a written estimate, copies of insurance and recommendations from previous customers, our certifications and the warranty for your new roof.

Low Slope flat roofs and Standard Slope Roofs have many options available such as composite shingle roofs, tile, composite cedar, metal and more.

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Composition Shingle Roofs

These are made with organic material and have a life expectancy of 25 to 50 years depending on the grade of the materials used. This option will provide the easiest, fastest and least costly option for the building owner and may be installed over an existing deck if possible. Shingles come in many styles, colors and designs. Our professional roofers at Telge Roofing guide you in picking the best type of shingle based on a variety of factors with your building structure and roof. Keep in mind the shingles are more susceptible to weather conditions and could be damaged by high winds, hail and flying debris depending on what region you live in. Shingle roof repairs are fairly easy.

Tile Roofs

These are a bit pricier but provide a longer life span and are more durable to the weather condition because of their make, tile can be made of concrete cement, clay or slate. Tile roofs should last a minimum of 50 years or longer. Tiles are very heavy per square foot, so the existing state of your commercial building should be taking in to consideration and inspected before considering this option. Just like composition shingles, tile roofs come in many colors and styles which means you have plenty of choices. The right tile roof could add years of good protection and give your commercial business a superior look.

Metal Roofs

This type of roof will be the priciest but it will be worth it. Metal roofs are sheets of formed steel that can be made of copper, aluminum or galvanized steel, and may be placed over an existing shingle roof if necessary.

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