What Homeowners Need To Know About Storm Damage Roof Repairs

As a Texan, you know that storm damage is an unfortunate reality. However, this damage is not always obvious. Learning the subtle signs of storm damage will help you recognize issues so you can repair any damage quickly. Read on to learn more about these signs- and what to do after you notice them.

Which Weather Events Cause Damage?

Rain, hail, and wind can all impact your roof. Of course, hurricanes and other large-scale disasters are the most obvious cause of this damage. However, minor events can also have an impact. Rain causes water damage, whereas the force of wind and hail can shift debris and cause shingles to break down. All can have serious implications, so assess your roof after any weather event.

Signs of a Damaged Roof

Damaged shingles are the most obvious sign of a roof problem. Shingles might look misshapen, discolored, or may have scratches or dents. Flashing, sealing, and gutters can also have signs of wear and tear. Water damage inside the home is another sign, as it can indicate a leaking roof. Like we said though, the signs may be less obvious, such as loose parts of the roof that appear normal if you simply look at them. This is why professional inspections are so important.

Replace or Repair?

A damaged roof will either need to be replaced or repaired. If individual shingles are damaged, then a spot repair is a simple and affordable way to fix the issue. However, widespread damage (which is usually the case after water damage) might require a total replacement. Replacements are also recommended for older roofs. Talk to a professional to learn more about these options.

Storm Damage Roof Repairs in Cypress

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