How To Recognize Hurricane Roof Damage

Hurricane roof damage is an issue that all Texans know about. But while some signs are quite obvious, many others are hard to spot. Of course, it is important to identify all types of storm damage quickly so that you can make the right repairs. Read on to learn the top signs of hurricane roof damage.

How Hurricanes Cause Roof Damage

Different weather events will cause different roofing issues. While hurricanes are known for their heavy, violent rain, the rain itself is not usually the cause of damage. High winds and flying debris are much more likely to cause an issue. If a local storm has winds that exceed 50 miles per hour, then it is important to check your roof for damage after the storm passes.

Common Types of Damage

High winds and flying debris can often lead to missing or damaged shingles, granule loss, broken gutters and/or flashing. Water leaks are also a possibility, especially if both shingles and the roof underlayment are damaged. Debris from the storm might also remain on your roof after the weather event. While this doesn’t always mean your roof is damaged, it does indicate that severe winds impacted your home. So if you notice anything off after a storm, then it’s best to book a roof inspection.

Checking For Roof Issues

After a storm, it is important to make sure that your roof is still functioning properly. However, it’s important not to climb up to the roof yourself. Of course, this is dangerous even under normal circumstances. But after a storm, compromised roofing materials can lead to slips and falls. Instead, try to assess the damage from the ground. Look for any obvious signs of damage, as well as materials that are lopsided or simply look “off”. Be sure to check the inside of your home for water damage as well.

Even if you can’t spot issues, there could still be structural damage that you are missing. Call a professional for a roof inspection after a hurricane to make sure that your roof is truly okay after the storm.

Hurricane Roof Damage Repairs

Telge Roofing can repair and restore all types of hurricane roof damage. We offer free quotes and inspections, so call now!