How To Select The Right Metal Roof Underlayment

Metal roofing is a great option for both commercial and residential properties. And while the metal itself is strong and durable, it’s still important to add underlayment to these roofs. This extra layer offers protection against water, wind, and debris, protecting both the roof itself and also the building underneath it. But what type of metal roof underlayment is best for your home or business? We’ll go through the most popular options below.

Do I Need a Metal Roof Underlayment?

Before we get into underlayment types, let’s answer a common question. Is a metal roof underlayment even necessary? Lots of people think that, because metal is durable and creates a moisture barrier, then underlayment isn’t necessary. However, this is not true. While metal is more protective than other materials, condensation can still collect underneath these roofs. Putting the right materials under your roof will not only protect the metal but also the rest of your build.

Using a Felt Underlayment

Felt material, such as tar paper or felt paper, is the most common option. It’s affordable, easy to install, and works on a variety of roof types. However, this doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. While felt is water-resistant, it can be sensitive to heat. It also doesn’t have as long of a lifespan as other options.

Self-Adhering Sheets

Self-adhering sheets are a simple peel-and-stick option for underlayment. This material tends to be stronger than felt and also usually lasts longer. While it is a little more expensive up front, its longer life can save money over time.

Other Options

There are other types of underlayment as well. Synthetic materials are becoming more and more popular these days, providing better protection than older options. However, these also come at a higher price point. Not sure which option to choose? A roofing professional can help you pick the right material for your project.

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