Is A Wood Roof Right For You? Consider These Pros And Cons

A wood roof can provide beauty and elegance to any property. But while these roofs are beautiful, are they the most practical option? It depends on a few different factors. Below, we’ll go over the top benefits- and drawbacks- of having a wood roof so you can decide if it’s a good option for your build.

Why Choose a Wood Roof?

Wood roofs are one of the most beautiful options that any homeowner can choose. Since they’re relatively uncommon in the US these days, a wood roof provides a certain “wow factor” when compared to more popular, modern roofing options. Wood is available in a huge variety of colors and grains/patterns, which makes every roof beautifully unique.

However, aesthetics aren’t the only reason to choose a wood roof. Wood is a durable material that is naturally energy efficient. Plus, it can also be sustainably sourced if you are interested in an eco-friendly option.

Top Potential Drawbacks

While wood roofing looks beautiful, it is often a higher-maintenance option. This is because wood must be properly treated, or it will be vulnerable to insects such as termites, as well as moss, algae, and rot. Wood is often more expensive than other roofing materials. However, proper wood care will help you protect your roof against damage, and the durability of wood means that high initial costs might help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Get Professional Advice

In the end, each homeowner will need to decide if the benefits of this roofing style outweigh the drawbacks. A roofing professional can assess your roofing needs, goals, and budget, helping you make the best choice for your home. Roofing professionals can also help you explore roofing alternatives that might be a better choice. This is the best way to make an informed decision about your roofing needs.

Ready for a Roofing Consultation?

A roofing consultation is the quickest and easiest way to get a professional opinion on your roofing project. Whether you’re planning a new build or looking to replace an existing roof, a consultation is the best place to start. Call (281) 607-2080 to book your consultation with Telge Roofing today.