Choosing Between Tile Roofing And Shingles

Both tile roofing and shingles are popular roofing options for homeowners. But which option is best for your property? In this article, we will break down the key differences between tile roofing and shingles. This will help you make the best choice for your home style and budget.

Key Style Differences

Tile roofing is a popular style in Florida, the Southwest, and other warmer climates. This is because tiles do well in hot weather. Tiles are available in a variety of styles and give homes a rustic, Mediterranean feel. Shingles are the more traditional choice, which gives homes a more classic look. Consider your overall home design goals to determine which look is best for your property.

The Cost Of Your Roof

Both tiles and shingles are available at a variety of price points. However, tile roofing tends to be more expensive than shingles. This is generally due to the amount of time it takes to install a tile roof. However, tile is also more durable, so many homeowners like the idea of paying more upfront in order to save later. While shingles will need maintenance, the repairs will usually still be affordable as the materials themselves are less expensive.

Planning For The Weather

As you know, the weather in the Houston area can be unpredictable. Tile roofing is considered very durable in hot climates, but does not do well under freeze/thaw conditions. This is not common weather in Texas, but it can happen. Shingles can handle all types of climates, which can give homeowners peace of mind. Regardless of the roof you want, a contractor can help you choose the right materials so that your roof can withstand all seasons.

Ready For Your New Roof?

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