5 Common Roofing Repairs Your Home Might Need

Your roof will need regular maintenance to stay functional over time. However, many homeowners don’t know what types of repairs they can expect. Below, we will share five common roof repairs that Texas homeowners frequently need.

1- Shingle Replacement

Shingle replacements are among the most common roof repairs. Roof shingles can often become dislodged during weather events. Missing shingles create a gap in protection. Check your roof after major storms to make sure your shingles are still intact. It’s best to call a professional, too. Sometimes shingle damage is hard to detect.

2- Roof Vent Boot Repair

A vent boot is the cover that fits around your roof’s vent. This is another part of the roof that can become damaged over time or during storms. A damaged vent boot can cause water to pool, leading to a leaky roof. However, regular inspections and maintenance will keep your roof vent strong.

3- Flashing/Roof Joint Repair

Flashing is yet another part of your roof that protects against water damage. It directs water away from vulnerable spots and leads it towards your drainage system. Flashing is installed along roof joints, chimneys, and other easily damaged areas. Patch repairs can fix small holes in flashing or roof joints.

4- Roof and Gutter Cleaning

A clean roof is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Professional roof cleanings clear away debris, mold, moss, and other structures that can create damage over time. Gutter maintenance is
also important. Leaves, sticks, garbage, and other materials can get lodged into gutters during storms. While many people choose to clean their roofs themselves, professionals use higher-quality tools and can also inspect your roof during the cleaning.

Of course, everyone’s roofing needs are different. A roofing inspection is the only way to know exactly which roofing repairs you need. Telge Roofing offers free roofing inspection and quick, no-obligation estimates. Call Telge Roofing to learn more today.