What Is Gutter Flashing- And Why Is It So Important?

Gutter flashing might not sound like a big deal. However, it is a crucial part of a durable, long-lasting roofing system. Understanding flashing’s role will help you identify gutter issues in the future. This can save you on more complex roofing inspections and repairs. Below, we’ll help you make sense of this small but important part of your home.

What is Gutter Flashing?

Gutter flashing is a long piece of aluminum or plastic material that fits between your gutter and your roof line. The purpose of flashing is to prevent water from going behind your gutter.

Why Flashing is So Important

Flashing creates a seal between your gutters and your roof line, which allows water to flow off your roof and into the gutter. Without it, some water would also flow behind the gutter, which would damage the building surfaces beneath the roof. Flashing is important because it allows both your roof and your gutters to work effectively. It’s especially crucial to people who live in areas with heavy storm activities, as rain and wind damage is more widespread here.

Maintaining Your Gutter Flashing

Maintain your flashing in order to protect the other parts of your roofing system. Old flashing can rust, break, and even cause nails to come loose in your shingles. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your flashing.

However, even well-maintained flashing can still get damaged Heavy winds or debris can cause small holes to form in the flashing. Simple patch repairs can usually fix small holes. However, full flashing sheets will need to be repaired after severe damage.

Getting a Professional Inspection

A roof inspection is the only way to ensure that your gutters and flashing are still working correctly. Telge roofing offers inspections and repairs to home and business owners in Houston and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule your fair, accurate, and free inspection.