Pros And Cons Of Plastic Roofing Sheets

Plastic roofing sheets are a great alternative to more traditional roofing materials. But is this material the best choice for your build? This will all depend on your project, budget, and housing goals. Below, we will share the benefits and drawbacks of plastic sheets. This will help you decide which material to use for your build.

What Are Plastic Roofing Sheets?

Plastic roofing sheets are strong pieces of plastic that can be used to create a transparent roof. Polycarbonate is usually the plastic of choice. This material is great for roofing because it is lightweight but very hearty. Plastic roofing is known for its ability to hold up under different temperatures- even extreme heat or cold. Plastic sheets can be used for residential or commercial builds.

Benefits of Plastic Roofing Sheets

These roofing sheets have many benefits. They are strong, lightweight, and also easy to install. While these sheets are see-through, some also block UV rays. This means they are great for sunrooms and skylights. Lots of people also choose this roofing for their greenhouses. Polycarbonate roofing also holds up well over time and does not get discolored easily.

Reasons to Choose Another Option

There are far more benefits to plastic roofing sheets than drawbacks. However, there are a few things that people might have an issue with. Plastic roofing is very strong. In fact, some types are even bulletproof! But it is not scratch-resistant. Dents can also form on the surface. Some people might prefer another roofing option, such as metal.

Polycarbonate Roofing Near Me

Thinking about new roofing for your home? Call Telge Roofing. Our experts will evaluate your project and help you choose the best type of plastic roofing for your build. We will then install the roofing sheets so you can be confident in your home project. Contact us today to learn more!