What Is Peel And Seal Roofing?

Peel and seal roofing is inexpensive and convenient. But is it the best tool for your roofing project? While many people love to peel and seal roofing, it’s not the best choice for everyone. In this article, we will explain the basics of this roofing so you can decide if it is right for you.

What is Peel and Seal Roofing?

Peel and seal roofing is another name for a self-adhesive roof system. The concept is pretty simple: the roofing sheet simply sticks into place. This type of roofing is an improvement on other similar types of roofing. Since the older models were not self-adhesive, they needed to be attached using direct heat (such as a torch) or hot tar. Peel and seal roofing is a simple, easy-to-install option for your flat roof.

Should I Use This Roofing?

Flat roofs are the best candidates for this roofing. It’s easy to use and very quick to install. This type of roofing is also safe and non-toxic since no chemicals are needed to attach the roof. Homeowners will love that this roofing can also help save energy. Choosing a light-colored roofing material will deflect sunlight, keeping a home nice and cool.

Potential Drawbacks

This is a great choice for busy homeowners. However, some people prefer to choose a different option. Firstly, peel and seal does tend to be a little more expensive than some other options. It’s also a newer technology, and some people would rather stick to a tried-and-true method.

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