Upgrade Your Home With A Roof Extension

Are you looking for a home extension that truly makes a difference to your space? A roof extension might be the best option. This home addition will transform the inside of your house while also adding a beautiful feature to your home’s exterior. Read on to learn the basics of this
home addition.

What is a Roof Extension?

As the name suggests, a roof extension is when builders expand a roofing structure to cover a greater square footage. Sometimes, these extensions are vertical, which can add height to a room or dramatic, higher peaks to a roof’s exterior. However, most roof extensions extend outward in a horizontal fashion. Homeowners can then use the extra space to create a sunroom, solarium, screened-in porch, or other living space.

What Do Roof Extensions Look Like?

A roof extension is fully customizable, which means your contractor can easily match your existing home style. Flat roofs are easily extended to create continuity. Single-slope and gable roofs can also be replicated, allowing the new extension to blend with both traditional and modern designs. There are a variety of colors, materials, and building styles that your contractor can use, too. Before your extension begins, your contractor will work with you to create the exact design that you want.

Is It Expensive?

Because roof extensions are so customizable, there are different options for different budgets. Of course, creating a new home addition is an investment. However, adding a roof to an existing patio or porch area can be significantly cheaper. It all depends on which features you would like for your home extension. If you’re concerned about costs, then talk to your contractor. They can help you create a great design plan that fits within your budget.

Ready to Learn More?

Are you interested in a potential roof extension? The first step is to call a roofing contractor for a consultation. During your consultation, a professional will assess your home and help you create a building plan for your build. Telge Roofing has been creating high-quality Texas roofing systems for decades. To schedule a consultation for your roofing project, call us today.