When Does Roof Decking Need To Be Replaced?

Roof decking is one of the most important parts of your overall roofing system. This strong base adds essential support to your roof and protects your home from damage. However, if your roof decking is old or worn down, then it can’t do its job properly. So how do you know when your roof decking needs to be replaced? We’ll explain below.

What is Roof Decking?

Roof decking (also known as sheathing) is a layer that exists between your roof’s rafters and shingles. Simply put, it’s the strong middle layer between the roof’s foundation and the outer, visible part of the roofing. Today, most roof decks are made of plywood sheets, though wooden planks can also be used.

Why Are Replacements Needed?

Plywood is a popular building material because it’s affordable, customizable, and easy to use. It also provides great structure and strength relative to its weight. However, wood is prone to water damage. Of course, plenty of water-resistant materials are used in roofing to protect this wood. However, if these materials become damaged, then the wooden structures can start to rot. Therefore, it’s important to have your decking/sheathing checked after if your roof experiences water damage.

Signs of Roof Sheathing Damage

Any sign of water damage to your roof is a sign that your sheathing might need to be replaced. Of course, some types of water damage are obvious, such as roof leaks, mold/mildew, or watermarks. However, other signs are more subtle. Changes in the look of your flashing, bumps or sags on the ceiling, or changes to your utility bills might also be due to water damage.

Does All Decking Need to Be Replaced?

Here’s the good news: not all roof decking will need to be replaced after water damage. Sometimes, the damage is only on the surface level and minor patch repairs or shingle replacements are enough to fully restore your roof. However, you will still need a roofing professional to inspect your sheathing after water damage. If you do need a repair, they can help you solve the problem quickly and safely.

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