3 Common Causes Of Discolored Shingles

Are you dealing with discolored shingles? This common problem can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Plus, discolored shingles can also indicate a larger roofing problem. So what exactly is causing the changes in your shingles? Below, we’ll share 3 common culprits. We’ll also give you our top tips for protecting your roof.

1- Algae Growth

Algae commonly grows on roofs, especially in warmer climates. Usually, algae growth will have a dark, streaky appearance. Many homeowners think that algae is just an aesthetic problem. However, algae can also cause roofing damage over time by gradually weakening your shingles. Therefore, if you notice algae growth, it’s important to call a roofing professional.

2- Rust Affecting Shingles

Rust is another substance that can cause discolored shingles. Unlike algae, which is usually black, rust tends to be brown, orange, or dark red in color. It can be caused by any metal structure on the roof. If your roof features metal flashing, gutters, antenna mounts, or other metal components, then be sure to check the surrounding areas for rust.

3- Asphalt Bleed-Through

Shingles can wear down over time, especially when exposed to damage. When this happens, asphalt will bleed through onto the top portion of the damaged shingle, leading to discoloration. If you notice asphalt bleed-through, then it’s a sign that your shingles need to be replaced. A roofing professional can help you assess the damage and restore the shingles safely.

How to Protect Your Shingles

Regular roofing maintenance is the best way to keep your shingles safe and strong. Be sure to get professional roof cleanings, as well as regular roofing inspections to check for damage. Finally, stay on top of any minor shingle repairs. Addressing these problems quickly will help you avoid larger problems in the future.

Telge Roofing is Here to Help

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