Should You Add A Roof Overhang To Your Home?

A roof overhang is a relatively small renovation project. However, it can have big benefits for your home. So what exactly is a roof overhang, and why should homeowners consider adding one? We’ll explain below.

What is a Roof Overhang?

A roof overhang also called an eave, is a piece of roofing material that extends past a building’s exterior wall. Most residential roofs have eaves to protect from water damage and to create a bit of shade in the warm months. However, these eaves can also be extended to create an overhang effect.

Benefits for Homeowners

There are many benefits to adding a roof overhang. Firstly, overhangs are aesthetically pleasing and can create a beautiful shaded effect. Of course, this increased shade can also help you stay cool in the Texas heat. And while regular roof eaves offer some protection, an extended overhang can be even more efficient. In fact, the extra shade can even reduce your home temperatures! Finally, an overhang can usually be created by extending your existing roof. This means that the project is often quicker- and less expensive- than other home renovations.

Other Renovations to Consider

Not sure if an overhang is right for you? Other home features can give you similar benefits. For instance, landscaping changes or other outdoor construction projects can also create a shaded outdoor space. Furthermore, if you are concerned about your home temperatures, a roof renovation can help keep your home cool with newer, more efficient materials.

Choosing the Best Option for Your Home

It can be challenging to choose the right renovation for your home. Therefore, it’s best to start with a roofing consultation. During this appointment, a roofing professional will inspect your space and help you choose the best project for your needs, budget, and design goals.

Roof Renovation in Cypress, TX

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